Unleashing Quantum Technology: Pioneering Innovation and Economic Growth

Recognized by organizations like the World Economic Forum, quantum technology presents a blue-sky domain with transformative potential and the ability to create numerous new jobs.

In quantum technology, a field of knowledge that combines physics, mathematics, computer science, and engineering, we seek to understand how quantum physics (the physics of the extremely small, such as atoms) can be used to substantially increase our capacity for information processing, that is, for computation and secure data communication. Examples of quantum technology are quantum cryptography, quantum computers, and quantum sensors.

Quantum technology has attracted the attention of scientists, engineers, politicians, economists, businessmen, and women, among others, because of its current development and promising potential in solving frontier scientific and technological problems. For every person, community, or company, quantum technology is an area in which to start or advance professional development as well as to do business with high-added value.

Quantum technology is an emerging market estimated to be worth billions of US dollars. The quantum technology entrepreneurial ecosystem is a space in which global companies, startups, and universities participate through their entrepreneurship and technology transfer offices.

Because of its disruptive capacity in scientific capabilities and new markets, quantum technology is an area observed and studied by global organizations such as the World Economic Forum and the Inter-American Development Bank, it is a blue sky with immense opportunities for value generation. For national governments, the markets associated with quantum technology are an opportunity to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the coming decades.

Our goal is to deepen the application of quantum technology in the solution of frontier problems in industry and, in doing so, create business opportunities that allow quantum technology to be used as an engine for economic development and social mobility.

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