Track Information

Electronic Commerce


Mahesh Raisinghani


In today’s ever-evolving world, everything imaginable is available on the web. The Internet is growing as more and more people and businesses connect to it on a daily basis.    This track intends to collect contributions on this issue.  In this sense, papers based on theoretical and practical scientists – researchers are welcomed to cover the any of the following topics (not limited to):



·        E –Commerce Analytics

·        E -Commerce Adoption

·        E-Commerce to Social Commerce

·        E -Commerce Strategy and Implementation

·        E -Commerce Leadership and Social Networks Perspective

·        E -Commerce and Organizational Behavior

·        E -Commerce and Organizational Development

·        E -Commerce and Organizational Learning

·        E -Commerce Technologies and the Workplace

·        E -Commerce and Employee Ethical issues

·        E -Commerce in  Business-to-Business

·        E -Commerce and Human Resource Management

·        E -Commerce and Cultural Issues

·        E -Commerce and Customer Relationships

·        E -Commerce and Political, Regulatory, and/or Ethical Issues

·        E-Commerce and Emerging/Future Technologies (e.g., Internet of Things)

·        E-Commerce Privacy and Security Issues