Track Information

Cyber Security and Privacy


Vishal Shah


In today’s era of the connected world, societies, and organizations, the exponential growth of the Internet and related technologies can expose critical Information Systems to vulnerability from malicious individuals, foreign power, or institutions. The Nature of compromise is varied in terms of frequency, seriousness, and diversity.  However, there are significant advances in the technology to counter this issue. For example, protocols such as Blockchain provide individuals and institutions the ability to build a secure mechanism to transact based on protocols such as blockchain. Thus, the purpose of this track is two-fold:

  1. Focus discussion and exchange of information security and privacy research from a vulnerability point of view.

  1. Provide a platform for debate for cutting-edge research in a relatively new area of Blockchain technology which is now used to build secure distributed systems. An example of this can be seen in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. However, please note that submissions on Blockchain need not be directly related Cybersecurity as Blockchain as a protocol is inherently used to build secure and private systems.

Above two points complement each other and will provide a breadth of topics to cover a variety of intellectual contributions.


Topics include, but are not limited to, the following aspects of IS security and privacy and specifically Blockchain protocol:



  • Blockchain application in security, finance, and business

  • Research on Initial Coin Offerings such as Omisego (OMG), IOTA, LISK, and others

  • Use of alt-coins such as Civic to solve complicated and inherently risky business problems

  • Electronic commerce security and privacy

  • Cyberwarfare and cybersecurity

  • Cross-cultural issues in IS security and privacy

  • Adoption, use, and continuance of information security technologies and policies

  • IT audit and controls

  • Identity theft and risk assessment

  • Legal, societal, and ethical issues in IS security and privacy

  • Theoretical and empirical analyses of information security behaviors

  • Security training programs and metrics

  • Intrusion prevention

  • Digital forensics

  • Identity management

  • Hacking and cracking, white hat and black hat research issue

  • Insider threat behaviors and antecedents