Track Information

Social Media


Najmul Islam


The use of social media is widespread across the globe with Facebook alone having two billion monthly users. Social media has wide-ranging impacts (both positive and negative) on individuals, organizations and societies. This opens up opportunities for IS researchers to examine the impacts of social media. The scope of the track covers all platforms and services that are typically considered as social media (Kaplan and Haenlein 2010). The level of analysis can be individual, group/organization, or society at a large. This track is open to all theoretical and methodological approaches.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Unintended consequences of social media

  • Privacy and security in social media

  • Psychological impact of social media

  • Organizational impact of social media

  • Social media analytics

  • Organizational adoption and use of social media

  • Use of social media in education, healthcare, and other sectors

  • Digital collaboration on social media

  • Social media in businesses

  • Social media and civic engagement

  • Online communities and virtual teams

  • Governance of social media

  • Ethical and legal issues

  • Methodological issues in using social media data for IS research





Kaplan, A. M., and M. Haenlein. 2010, "Users of the World, Unite! the Challenges and Opportunities of Social Media," Business Horizons (53:1), 2, pp. 59-68.