Track Information

Outsourcing and Offshoring


Carlo Bellini


Outsourcing and offshoring are consistently ranked among the top concerns of executives and organizations in the annual survey of IT issues and trends organized for the Society for Information Management. Also, outsourcing and offshoring are a frequent interest of research published in leading IT journals, and they are particularly at the heart of global IT management. GITMA is among the very few conferences hosting a specific track on outsourcing and offshoring, thus representing a unique opportunity for scholars and practitioners to share their views, concerns, and developments.



Topics of interest in this track include, but are not limited to:


·       The economics of outsourcing and offshoring

·       Legal and ethical implications

·       Migration of jobs, professionals, and competencies

·       Project management across cultures, languages, legislation, and skills background

·       Intellectual property and business rights

·       Regional and world politics that impact short- and long-term agreements, contracts, and partnerships

·       Trust, conflict resolution, and communication patterns in project-based virtual organizations

·       Statistics, cumulative research, and the world map of IT outsourcing and offshoring

·       Exemplary cases, supporting technologies, and best practices

·       Negotiations and Outsourcing Contracts