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IT Management





IT Management or information technology management is the process of managing both the tangible (e.g. people, inventory) and intangible (e.g. knowledge, support) resources of an organization according to its requirements and priorities by applying information technology system. IT management has been using for decades for generating value for organisations, e.g. financial institutes, healthcare, entertainment and media, technology, research, defense and government organizations. “IT Management” track aims to contribute in enhancing the benefits of IT Management through collectively bringing the studies in the areas of technology acceptance, staff motivation and training, HR policies, operation and management strategies, multi-culture studies, multi-disciplinary studies, intra-net infrastructure related to IT management. Therefore, papers that cover any of the following topics, but not limited to, based on theoretical and empirical studies would be welcomed.


1. Managerial and Organizational Aspects in IT Management

2. IT Financial Management

3. IT Service Management

4. IT Configuration Management

5.IT Governance

6. Business and IT Alignment

7. IT Application Strategy

8. Technology Management Strategy for IT

9. IT Sourcing

10. Transforming Learning through IT Management

11. Big data Practice through IT Management

12. Healthcare Management and Support through IT Management

13. Conceptual and Methodological Issues in IT Management

14. Staff motivation and Training in IT Management

15. HR Policies in IT Management

16. IT Program, Project and Portfolio Management