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Artificial Intelligence


Utku Kose


Artificial Intelligence is an important research field, which is currently affecting all fields of the modern life. Because of its wide application scope, effectiveness, and flexibility, it is often used for also information management. In this context, the Artificial Intelligence and Applications for Information Management aims to contribute to the associated literature by focusing on all intelligent solutions for better information management and also solved advanced problems within it, thanks to research efforts done in detail. Within this aim, different topics from Artificial Intelligence oriented approaches, methods, and techniques are covered. Research works with the topics changing from Machine Learning oriented applications; intelligent optimization solutions; hybrid intelligent solutions to use of general Artificial Intelligence techniques like Fuzzy Logic, Artificial Neural Networks, and also theoretical views / reviews on the issues of intelligent information management are encouraged to apply to the track. In this sense, papers based on theoretical and practical scientists – researchers are welcomed to cover the any of the following topics (not limited to):



  1. Artificial Intelligence and Its General Role in Information Management
  2. Machine Learning Solutions
  3. Continuous and Combinatorial Intelligent Optimization Oriented Solutions
  4. Fuzzy Logic based Applications
  5. Artificial Neural Networks based Applications
  6. Genetic Algorithms based Applications
  7. Swarm Intelligence and Its Use in Information Management
  8. Hybrid Solutions Combining Only Intelligent Techniques
  9. Hybrid Solutions Combining Both Traditional and Intelligent Techniques
  10. Theoretical Views on the Issues and Artificial Intelligence based Solutions
  11. Review of Innovative Applications for Intelligent Information Management
  12. Future Perspectives on Intelligent Information Management
  13. Evaluation of Intelligent Information Management Applications in Different Sectors
  14. Development of Intelligent Software Systems for Information Management